Hello 21st Century:

• Moore’s Law: Overall processing power for computers will double every two years.

• Martec’s Law: Technology changes exponentially, organizations change logarithmically.

Avatar Insight: Organizations that cannot keep pace are replace by new age business models. Careers & entrepreneurs unable to lead or participate in the change-pace, are replaced by technology as a matter of time.

Avatar Initiative: Architecting Veracity in Academics, Talent, Analytics and Relationships, ‘AVATAR Ecosystem’ prepares, assists and strengthens individuals and institutions to be relevant in the 21st Century Economy.

21st Century Economy evolving in pace & complexity defined by Moore & Martec’s law necessitates Individuals to master & apply “Learn, Apply and Deliver” (Avatar Essentials.)

Avatar Essentials strengthen imperative academic drivers of intrinsic talent, analytically mastered to leverage complimentary relationships in the new age for Individual’s success.

Individual’s success is made sustainable by the triangular foundational Avatar elements of trust, confidence & focus. Trust gained by access to reliable information, confidence strengthened by effective communication and coordinated collaboration propelling Institution’s success.

Institutional success lifts quality of life for all families strategically designed to include Education, Health, Careers & Community Services’ Avatar Domains.

Avatar Domains reposition the Institutions in a given community to be competitive in a rapidly digitizing education, health, career and community services to be Family Centric.

Moore’s Law :The Infallible truth in relentless technology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore%27s_law.

Martec’s Law :Martec’s law handicaps the medium and small enterprises with little opportunity to compete due to lag in technology adoption driven by shortage of capital requirements and human resource capabilities. http://chiefmartec.com/2013/06/martecs-law-technology-changes-exponentially-organizations-change-logarithmically/martecs_law_600/

Avatar Insight :Driven by Moore’s Law, disrupting technologies dislodge entrenched traditional institutions by catering to changing customer needs and expectations faster than any traditional industry can deliver. Consumers benefit from this trend and with each generation embrace & embed their careers and lifestyles with an ever growing and encapsulating technology driven solutions, services and products. New generation platforms encroach into the turf of the medium and small-scale enterprises across the country eliminating traditional geographic barriers.

Avatar Initiative :Intelligent design is the pathway for Avatar Initiative to strengthen individuals and institutions in their knowledge (academics), intrinsic skill (talent), analytical capabilities and collaboration skills to leverage relationships.

Avatar Essentials: Partnership for 21st Century Learning, applied in real world …. http://www.p21.org/our-work/p21-framework